The Insitome Institute provides a trusted source for personal genomic information, helping you understand and safeguard the story carried in your DNA.

We are a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit think tank, focused on three key areas in the field of personal genomics:

The Story of You

Understanding the Story of You

We provide key insights about your DNA to gain a richer understanding of your origins and to help you better navigate the path forward. We explore ancestry and personal genetic traits, such as metabolism: how well you personally tolerate sensitive food substances such as glucose and lactose; how well you absorb vitamin D and calcium; how quickly you metabolize caffeine; how well you tolerate alcohol and how quickly your system is able to flush it.

Set against the backdrop of human history, we also look at how our “hunter” or “farmer” heritage impact us today – in other words, how well does your body naturally make fatty acids and are you suited more to a vegetarian diet, or would you perform more optimally as an omnivore? We take the guess-work out of some basic lifestyle choices, in other words, and help you to understand why you have the traits you have today.

We produce a popular podcast series called The Insight where we interview a mix of scientists, educators, business leaders, and forward-thinkers to explore the intersection between where we came from, and where we are headed. We also publish the Insitome Blog that delves deep into the science and a monthly newsletter, featuring highlights of these stories and findings, and the latest news about genetics in pop culture and the field of genomics.

Building Trust

Building Trust & Safeguarding your Data

DNA sequencing technology is the most rapidly growing technology of our time and it is still early days. It is widely anticipated that 30 million people will have been sequenced by the end of 2020 and, by the middle of this century, it’s likely that all humans will be sequenced at (or before) birth.

The Insitome Institute is working hard to set industry benchmarks and standards for interpretation, helping to shore up trust that the results you receive from one genetic testing company will broadly agree with the results you receive from another, reducing wasted time and the expense of testing multiple times.

As we have seen with the proliferation of social media platforms that cost nothing to use, but whose data advertisers pay heavily to mine, the real product is you and your data, and there is no data more precious than your DNA. We offer a tool to safeguard that data so that you--and only you--get to decide what to share and with whom.

We are working with scientists around the world and have assembled a Board of Directors made up of leading geneticists and bioethicists to establish best practices for genomic data storage and usage.

Using Science for Good

Science is the Great Connector

We believe that understanding how similar we all are from a genetic perspective has the power to influence hearts and minds, helping to reduce racial biases and the tendency to stereotype, and to move us past outdated notions of race.

To this end, we partner with Fortune 500 companies, schools and nonprofit organizations worldwide to craft custom programs to explore these ideas within their cultures and to work together from the inside out to overcome issues and create new avenues for celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion.